The Olympus School of Swimming is the premier place in Essex for your child to learn to swim. We pride ourselves on having the highest ratio of teachers to pupils with teachers always in the water with beginners. Olympus is a friendly place for your child to learn to swim, providing excellent technique where individual pupil effort can lead to greater success. Two ex Olympus swimmers represented Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics. We’re also on Facebook.
Welcome to the Olympus School of Swimming.
Our teaching style is one of encouragement and patience, understanding that each of our swimmers is an individual.  All our teachers are ASA qualified and bring a wealth of experience to our school.
Good teaching is at the heart of Olympus. Interraction with the children is important as all have varying levels of ability or confidence in the water. Recognition is key too with encouragement for effort always rewarded.
Apart from teaching your child a vital life saving skill, swimming is probably the very best physical sports activity your child can do. Here is just a brief summary of the benefits.

Swimming promotes physical development.Swimming develops aerobic endurance and is the most beneficial form of cardiovascular exercise. Swimming enhances children's natural flexibility and promotes proportional muscular development. Swimming develops superior coordination 
Swimming is the most injury free of all children's sports Swimming is a sport that will bring children fitness and enjoyment for life. Is a great way to stay fit.More and more children are enjoying the health benefits of swimming. There is no excessive stress or strain on joints or muscles that is associated with land based exercise as your body is supported by the water. Swimming also helps with weight loss and helps increase your metabolism. 

Swimming is an excellent aerobic heart pumping exercise, which means that if you do it regularly and vigorously enough to raise your heartbeat to 70% of it's maximum for half an hour or more your cardiovascular system will gradually grow stronger and more efficient.

Julie - Swim School Manager