It's our aim to make our children's weekly swimming experience as enjoyable as possible however, the water can be a dangerous place if safety rules are not respected and followed. Pupil safety is always our primary concern. This is the main reason for our policy of maintaining low class sizes and high teacher/pupil ratios.

Olympus School of Swimming Charter

"To teach and promote swimming as both a vital life skill to non swimmers and to develop   existing swimmer technique and fitness as far as is possible. We aim to do this within a club structure that respects all swimmers, is friendly, safe and one which operates within guidelines set out by the regulatory bodies"

Club Rules

Here are our club rules which will set out the basis of acceptance of club membership to the OSS. These are listed below and are a condition of swimming with us at the OSS.

  • All pupils must register upon arrival at reception. 
  • Parents must be fully responsible for their children before and after swimming lessons 
  • Parents may not come onto poolside areas other than to the designated seating/viewing areas provided. 
  • Pupils must not run or engage in 'horseplay' at poolside. 
  • The use of photographic devices of any description is prohibited at the pool.

    Persistent episodes of the following may lead to permanent exclusion from OSS. 

  • Disregard of poolside instructions. Children must always listen carefully and follow swim instructors directions. 
  • Persistent disruptive or unruly behaviour 
  • Bad language during lessons or whilst on the premises 

    Other things to note

  • Fees must be paid at the beginning of each course - failure to do this may result in places being offered to waiting list applicants. 
  • Parents must notify us of any medical condition which may affect their child's ability to fully participate in lesson

         Any decisions relating to the implementation or interpretation of these rules are at the          discretion of OSS staff.